About Raine

Raine Sumner is a versatile singer/songwriter with an eclectic mixture of  pop songs, dance/electronic songs and timeless ballads with catchy melodies. By masterfully blending uptempo beats with sensitive lyrics and timeless melodies, Raine’s music evokes a cheerful energy with powerful and poignant sentiment. Renowned Los Angeles vocal coach, Seth Riggs has described Raine’s vocal ability as ‘A wonderful voice, an A1 voice’. 

Raine is a member of the vocal trance electronic duo 'Not Again Mary' who are releasing their debut digital album 'Free' March 1st, 2013! Click here to see their latest video 'Rise Up'

Born in England, she emigrated to Canada as a child and later commenced a music career that has brought her critical acclaim in magazines
such as Billboard Magazine. A seasoned performer, Raine has toured extensively in Canada. Her music has received radio airplay in
the United States, Canada and Europe, featured in independent film and broadcast on television shows in Canada, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the United States. 
Visit www.soundcloud.com/rainesumner or www.myspace.com/rainesumner to hear some of her music! 

In 1996 Raine released a 4 song CD titled Drives Me Wild, a collaboration with singer/songwriter Bruce Fields.  In 2004 Raine released her self-titled RAINE CD distributed to online digital music stores via The Orchard. In March 2008, Raine co-wrote a dance-electronica CD 'Dance With Me' with UK songwriter/producer Breo.  Raine has also spent the last few years collaborating via the internet with songwriters in Norway, U.K., Italy and Canada on R&B, Pop,Country and Dance/Electronic songs that she is shopping to other artists, publishers, music supervisors and record labels seeking new songs.  Click here to hear samples of these songs.

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