Free حر

As part of the vocal trance/electronic duo Not Again Mary, Raine wrote the lyrics/melody for song 'Free' حر .  Free was written to inspire the protestors in countries such as Egypt, Libya, Tunisia (and the rest of the Middle East) to keep up their fight for freedom and the right to live a life without corruption, poverty and oppression. 

I have created two youtube videos (see below), one featuring the the first revolution, the Tunisian Revolution, that created the domino effect of protests in the Middle East. The other video featuring the uprisings in Egypt and Libya. I personally, am not a political person per se, but I believe that all human beings have the right to live a life free of poverty, corruption, and oppression...and that is my motivation behind the lyrics for this song (lyrics)

The song is available here
As performed by  'Not Again Mary' "Free' copyright 2011 by Lorraine 'Raine' Sumner & Andrew 'Breo' Brereton, All Rights Reserved, SOCAN

  'FREE' حر  
  Free by rainesumner Free by rainesumner


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