Radio & Television Performances/Airplay of Music

E! ENTERTAINMENT/MEN TV - 'The Art Of Building Bodies' - Episode #9
MTV - 'Cribs' Episode 501, New York, NY/ ‘Becoming Enrique Inglesias’, United Kingdom
Independent Films: 2012 'Remake' and 'Lightning Strikes Twice'
CITY TV - 'Breakfast Television', ‘Lunch Television’, ‘Citypulse Live’ Toronto, ON
A Channel - 'New Day' London, ON
ROGERS CABLE - 'Daytime' Toronto, ON and London, ON
Radio Airplay on 35 radio stations in Europe
Radio Airplay on various stations in Canada and the U.S.


BILLBOARD MAGAZINE "Newcomer Raine is a Canadian rocker with a rasp voiced attack reminiscent of compatriot
Alannah Myles.  She exudes mucho aggression within the tracks blues soaked pop instrumentation, which leans heavily
on crunchy rhythm guitar chords and whirling organ lines.  The songs immediately contagious chorus pushes this
potential winner over the top and makes this a viable contender for top 40 and album rock radio play" - Larry Flick,
(Review & Previews (for Raine's song 'Drives Me Wild')

SETH RIGGS "You have a wonderful A1 voice" - Seth Riggs, singing coach to the stars (i.e. Madonna,
Michael Jackson, Diana Ross) and creator of Seth Riggs Vocal Technique

"Rating Scale:"1" Indicates the Lowest Score, "5" Indicates The Highest Score:
Recording Quality/Production: 4 to 4.5
Lead Vocals: 5  Musicianship: 4  Lyric Writing: 4 to 4.5  Music Composing: 4  Overall Melodies: 4.5
Song Arrangement: 4 to 4.5
Thanks for submitting the material for the evaluation. I enjoyed listening to the songs. 
To give you insight to the scoring scale above, the majority of artists score in the 2.5 to 3.5 range
in the various categories. Whenever an artist sees a 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 or 3.5 as a score in a certain
category (or categories) it means that's an area I feel they need to improve
and develop.  When someone sees 4, 4.5 or 5 as their score in a category, that tells them, to me,
they are in the professional league and have strong potential.  It's a validation from a pro, letting you know you are doing a fine job. Every artist should work hard to earn 4.5 to 5 in every category.  It's a very competitive business and people averaging in the 3's (or less) will probably not get too far without a great deal of improvement and development.  I don't give out 4's and 5's easily, so any of those you see, you have earned.  Well done!"  Eugene Foley

SCENE MAGAZINE "Raine continuously exudes vitality....she hits the high and low points smoothly...and her voice has dynamic presence." - Randy J. Fisher, Live Music Scene

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